Anzac Day 2019 Williamstown dawn service

Williamstown lifesavers launch an inflatable pool

Hobsons Bay Councillors clash over West Gate Tunnel Project02:01

Colleen Gates on Laverton level crossing removal

Sandra Wilson on Laverton level crossing removal

Willy lights up with historic football cup

Hobsons Bay Councillors on decision day for home care cuts01:25

Hobsons Bay City Council chaos at chamber of secrets

Hobsons Bay City Council cops it over home care cuts

Hobsons Bay City Council home carers exit chamber of secrets

Bill Thorley finishes first in 10km swim at WOW Challenge 2019

Altona aquaman Robbe Dilissen scores second in Lorne 5000

Carol Cooke AM at Lexus of Blackburn Bay Crits 2019

John Trevorrow at Lexus of Blackburn Bay Crits 2019

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on Christmas Day

Victorian Opposition Leader Michael O'Brien on Christmas Day 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Christmas Day 2018

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on Christmas Day 2018

Man found dead in house on Civic Parade in Altona

The Honourable Melissa Horne MP's inaugural speech

Lisa Bentley at party post state election campaign

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp

Life Saving Victoria's Doctor Bernadette Matthews

Victoria Police Acting Sergeant Damian Campbell

Kidsafe Victoria General Manager Jason Chambers

Tim Watts compares Scott Morrison to Daniel Andrews

Tim Watts speaks on Victorian State Election 2018

Hobsons Bay Councillor Angela Altair on rate cap non-compliance

Hobsons Bay Councillor Sandra Wilson on rate cap non-compliance

Sam Sheppard on Williamstown Open Water Challenge 2018

Philip Barber at Williamstown Remembrance Day 2018

Adrian O'Dea at Williamstown Remembrance Day 201807:06

Wade Noonan at Williamstown Remembrance Day 201802:26

Hobsons Bay Mayor Jonathon Marsden's first speech05:23

Hobsons Bay Deputy Mayor Michael Grech's speech01:27

Melissa Horne hits hat-trick with Yarraville Oval announcement01:01

Council cops criticism over fines for problematic parking01:18

Mobil Refining Manager Riccardo Cavallo at Bayside College01:51

Williamstown Campus Principal Nolene Symons at Bayside College01:28

Emma McLean Kindergarten Teacher Stephanie Bourke03:25

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus on West Gate Bridge collapse05:18

Federal Member for Gellibrand Tim Watts on West Gate Bridge collapse06:37

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on West Gate Bridge collapse05:04

West Gate Bridge collapse memories05:12

West Gate Bridge collapse on ABC News09:20

Wade Noonan speaks about the ambulance crisis02:31

Wade Noonan speaks about Jill Meagher's parents01:28

Wade Noonan's valedictory speech in the Victorian Parliament14:07

Altona athletics star Jack Rayner wins Cardiff Half Marathon 201800:52

Jack Rayner speaks to media after winning Cardiff Half Marathon 201800:56

Altona athletics star Jack Rayner finishes Cardiff Half Marathon 201800:13

Tony Hooper announces his Congested Local Roads policy00:43

Cops raid homes of crystal crims in Melbourne's west00:27

Cops collect cars from crystal crims in Melbourne's west01:33

Out of puff: Cops cuff crystal crims from Melbourne's west00:31

Hamburglar holds up McDonalds drive-thru in Yarraville00:26

Man wanted over burglary at McDonalds drive-thru in Yarraville00:26

Police Minister Lisa Neville on latest crime statistics02:24

Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton on latest crime stats03:06

Wade Noonan tribute to the late Robert Bob Pearman01:21

Brazen bike bandit hits Williamstown High School shed00:09

Brazen bike bandit wanted in Williamstown00:30

Jess Duffin awarded VFLW Best and Fairest 201803:29

Michael Gibbons awarded J. J. Liston Trophy 201805:51

Angela Altair calls for commitment on Melbourne Metro 200:37

West Footscray fire fuels chemical cocktail and fish fatalities02:23

Meter Maidstone wanted over Altona burglary and taxi tab00:48

Commuters could hold clues to Seaholme burglary00:45

West Footscray factory fire03:08

Australian Government defence department PFAS taskforce

Bourbon bandits hit Bottlemart in Altona Meadows01:46

Altona assistance dog dies in brutal botched burglary00:52

Wade Noonan tribute to the late Fiona Richardson01:25

Yarraville fire destroys Williamstown Road home00:09

Hobsons Bay farewells the Newport RSL00:30

Labor announces federal fund to fix commuter car parking crisis02:03

Hobsons Bay celebrates NAIDOC Week 201802:46

The Merindas "We Are Family" live in Altona03:43

The Merindas "We Sing Until Sunrise" live in Altona03:46

The Merindas "Come See About Me" live in Altona06:09

Man found dead at Ferguson Street Pier in Williamstown00:24

Christian Martinu delivers first punch to Jill Hennessy00:14

Crooks cook carbeque in Altona North01:58

Barry Plant Newport grand opening highlights01:29

Angela Altair floats Merrin McTaggart boat in Williamstown00:22

Truck hits bridge in Laverton North00:24

Shoplifters strike Williamstown for fancy fashion02:00

Brothers' Nest stars Clayton and Shane Jacobson meet fans02:26

Williamstown MP Wade Noonan congratulates Jenni Mitchell OAM01:33

Spotswood parcel pincher pedals away with puffer jacket00:40

Newport rugby union juniors run on with Ireland00:28

Altona MP Jill Hennessy baaaaackstage at Goatchella 201801:03

Blood Vessel 2018 behind the scenes in Williamstown06:54

Woman wanted over alleged Newport sexual assault00:11

Spotswood Primary School celebrates Reconciliation Week 201802:06

Newport raid over Altona North and Williamstown armed robberies02:51

Kevin Sheedy announces support for Flynn's Walk00:51

Casey Malady and Paul Thompson launch Abby's Army00:59

VanderAa's Spotswood secret garden show (1/3)00:37

VanderAa's Spotswood secret garden show (2/3)01:34

Queen's Baton Relay in Hobsons Bay 2018 highlights02:58

Wade Noonan pays tribute to Williamstown legend Gerry Callahan

VanderAa's Spotswood secret garden show (3/3)01:36

Williamstown Christmas Festival 2017 highlights01:25

Santa to the rescue at Williamstown Beach00:45

Westpac Life Saver 37 rescue helicopter lands in Williamstown02:17

Williamstown New Year's Eve 2017 highlights01:35

Young Endeavour tall ship berths at Williamstown05:11

Anzac Day in Williamstown 2017 highlights03:39

CCTV footage from armed robbery at Bendigo Bank in Laverton00:37

Media conference after armed robbery at Bendigo Bank in Laverton04:36