Telstra’s real problems exposed in Monmouth Street Newport

Willy and Hobby investigators were on site at Monmouth Street in Newport today, where works have begun to restore services to Telstra customers that have been without fixed line phone and internet services for over a month.

Multiple Telstra vans and cars arrived to setup camp at the corner of Monmouth Street and Maddox Road in Newport, where technicians have begun work on affected lines.

Telstra recently apologised to Newport residents and businesses who had a disconnected Christmas, citing delays due to a large number of faults across Victoria caused by the storms and extreme weather earlier in December.

“We’ve been working hard and added additional resources to restore services across the State but unfortunately there has been longer wait times than usual for some customers,” said a Telstra spokesman.

The apology followed the telco’s recent Christmas campaign, to enable Hobsons Bay residents to get in touch with their loved ones by offering free local, national and mobile calls from Telstra payphones, which backfired due to the elongated outage.

It is believed that the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) has given Telstra until January 11 to have the issues resolved, which doesn’t give the telco much more time to work out the problems as the deadline looms.

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