Telstra fails to get Newport connected this Christmas

Telstra’s campaign to offer Hobsons Bay residents free local, national and mobile calls from Telstra payphones this Christmas has backfired, after Newport residents and businesses have been left without fixed line phone and internet services for three weeks.

Australia Post in Newport did not have EFTPOS available for nearly two days and still remain without fixed line phone and internet services. Other stores affected include the local bottle shop and a small boutique homewares store.

Local residents and businesses have been told that Telstra’s outage was caused by a severe storm on December 2, with services currently being repaired by the telco and an estimated date for the restoration of services currently set at December 28.

Willy and Hobby visited a number of local residents and businesses on Christmas Eve, who confirmed that the outages appear to be affecting premises located around the Challis Street area in Newport.

Telstra’s outage could not have come at a worse time for residents and businesses in Newport, with Christmas a busy time for traders and a time when most people reach out and connect with loved ones.

Willy and Hobby spoke with a 96-year-old resident who lives on Monmouth Street in Newport, who has been left stranded without the ability to make a phone call in an emergency.

Telstra has been contacted for comment.

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