Jordan Wilimovsky brings WOW factor to Williamstown

Jordan Wilimovsky returned to Williamstown Beach to swim in the Victorian Open Water Championships and WOW Challenge today and whilst the results are still being finalised, due to a technical error, it’s fair to say that the US Olympian was well positioned to take out the 10K for the second time running.

“It’s a lot of fun to come down to Williamstown Beach and I’m really fortunate to be able to come down here and do this race,” said Wilimovsky.

The long awaited results were not the only thing to challenge swimmers at the Victorian Open Water Championships and WOW Challenge today, with water conditions providing plenty of natural elements for swimmers to contend with.

“It was a little choppy today but it was fun to race,” added Wilimovsky.

WAH captured Wilimovsky as he went from water to land at Williamstown Beach, with the official results likely to add another 10K title to an already busy trophy cabinet for Wilimovsky, who took out the 10K Gold in 2015 and 10K Silver in the World Championships earlier in 2017, adding to his Olympic 1500m 4th and 10K 5th placings in RIO.

It has been a quick trip for the US Olympian, who will soon hop onto a plane with US Open Water Coach David Kelsheimer, but Wilimovsky and fellow US Open Water stars, Katy Campbell and Petra Mijic, have at least managed to enjoy a few days meeting some locals from the Mussels swimming group yesterday, as well as some wildlife.

“We’ve been staying out in Templestowe in a house and we’ve been shown around and got to see some kangaroos and some other stuff. This is my fifth time in Australia so I’ve seen a lot of the sights now,” said Wilimovsky.

Team USA joined a number of our local swimming sensations, including Aussie Olympians Kenrick Monk, Kelly Stubbins, Paralympian Megan Grant and Ironman Age Champ Victoria Wilkinson. There were also some international marathon swimmers from Hong Kong, UK and NZ, as well as Australian swimmers from all states.

The Victorian Open Water Championships and WOW Challenge attracted a massive crowd at Williamstown Beach today and events were open to everyone, including juniors, with Wilimovsky offering some advice for the rising stars, young guns and those aspiring to reach the elite levels of swimming.

“Just have fun and get out there and do races like this. You guys are pretty lucky down here to have a lot of opportunities to swim open water so just sign up for the races and go for it,” said Wilimovsky.

The Open Water swimming festival has been held at Williamstown Beach every December since 1989.  The event also serves as the Victorian Open Water Championships, the second race in the Great Victorian Swim Series, which continues to bring in international swimmers to challenge Victoria’s best.

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