Williamstown shark Noah Jenney at World Lacrosse Championships 2018

Williamstown Lacrosse Club player Noah Jenney recently represented Australia, joining the Sharks to face off against international competitors in Israel at the World Lacrosse Championships 2018.

The 22-year-old has been at Williamstown for eight years and in that time represented Victoria four times. In 2016, Jenney collected a cabinet of awards including club Best and Fairest as well as Most Valuable Player at the Australian national tournament.

It was his first time representing Australia as part of the men’s lacrosse team, with the opportunity to take his first trip to Israel an opportunity Jenney said could not have been possible without the support of team sponsors and his home club at Williamstown.

“My club at Williamstown raised a massive amount of money for me to be able to afford to go and also definitely need to thank the great support and coaching over the years to develop me into the player I am today,” he said.

“For most of the games in the championships that we competed I we were competing with the top teams with professionals who are completely funded and can play and train all day with the best support structure.”

“Whilst for our entire team each member had to probably pay almost up to 15 grand from tryouts to the world championships and work full time to pay for this and we still had pretty good chances.”

As one of eight Victorians selected for the Australian Sharks team, he joined ten lads from Western Australia, with strong representatives from both the east and west coasts, but Jenney said there was plenty of time for the lads to adjust to the same time zone.

“Definitely an adjustment playing with the WA boys but it’s all similar Australian lacrosse and we have been playing together for over a year with the tryouts so it’s pretty easy,” he said.

After arriving in Israel from Japan, the start of the competition saw the Sharks bite the home country, with the win supported by an equally outstanding Australian crowd who appeared much larger in numbers than the home country.

“It was probably the most satisfying win due to them being the home country and also them trying to kick us out of the top division. The Aussie crowd was awesome and louder than the home crowd,” Jenney said.

Scotland and England also got bitten by the Sharks, but Canada and Iroquois managed to escape, with the Sharks bailing out of the champs after a 14-5 loss to USA. Jenney said it was however great to give Team USA a harder time than the pool play.

“The 19-1 loss definitely didn’t represent Aussie lacrosse so getting a second chance to compete with them was great. Redemption was I think on most of our minds, maybe a victory would be too difficult to reach, but to earn some respect for the country,” he said.

The championships may be over, but Jenney is not jumping on a plane back home and back to his Williamstown club just yet, as he continues celebrations in Israel, partying on the beach in Tel Aviv.

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