Altona athletics star Jack Rayner wins Cardiff Half Marathon 2018

Jack Rayner crosses finish line at Cardiff Half Marathon 2018;Jack Rayner speaks to media after winning Cardiff Half Marathon 2018;Altona athlete Jack Rayner wins Cardiff Half Marathon 2018

Altona athletics star Jack Rayner won the 2018 Cardiff Half Marathon and inaugural Commonwealth Half Marathon Championships on Sunday, in a stellar performance honed over many years at Altona Little Athletics Club and Western Athletics.

The 22-year-old finished in a personal best time of one hour 59 seconds, just shy of the course record of 1:00:43 set last year by Kenyan John Lotiang, with Fred Musobo coming in second before fellow Ugandan Timothy Toroitch in third.

“It was a bit into the deep end there. I just tried to run in the front pack of Ugandans. I think the whole team of four was there and one Kenyan, and I just stuck in,” Mr Rayner said.

“We went through 10k in like 28:40-something and I thought: ‘Jeez, this is going to be tough.’ But I just stuck on as long as I could and tried to get to that final kilometre. I just unleashed in that last little bit and got the better of them.”

Jack Rayner wins Cardiff Half Marathon 2018

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