Tony Briffa: ‘Labor ignore us… they don’t have to work to keep our vote’

Labor MP Tim Watts commits $730,000 in Higgins

Hobsons Bay Councillor Tony Briffa has weighed in on the importance of understanding the power of paper on Election Day in a marginal seat, ensuring local residents make a considered decision about who they vote for in the Australian Federal Election 2019.

Prompting the Councillor to publicly comment on the election was a story in the Herald Sun newspaper that labelled the federal electorates of Dunkley, Chisholm, Corangamite, La Trobe, Higgins, Deakin, Indi, Kooyong and Flinders as ‘nine seats that matter’.

“These are the seats in Victoria that matter to the main parties at this election – none are in Melbourne’s west. These marginal seats are the areas that get the most funding, the most promises and the most political attention during the election,” Briffa said.

“Other seats are largely ignored. Melbourne’s west is so strong for Labor that they ignore us because they don’t have to work to keep our vote. The Libs also don’t work to get our vote because they are very unlikely to get seats in our area.”

“We need to be marginal in Melbourne’s west. That has influenced my vote, and I encourage people in the west to reflect on their vote in the House of Representatives and help to make Melbourne’s west marginal.”

“Some of the safest Labor seats in the country are in Melbourne’s west and that’s not likely to change any time soon. No wonder we’re taken for granted! Please consider this if you live in the area, to support improvements to Melbourne’s West.”

Expecting to attract accusations of endorsement or bias, Tony Briffa was quick to clarify the comments as being no endorsement of any particular political party, but rather advocating for the community in which Briffa lives and serves.

“I am not a member of a party and previously was a member of Labor and the Greens. I have not been a member of a party for at least 12 or 13 years. The view I expressed above is purely about getting improvements for Melbourne’s west,” Briffa said.

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