Tim Watts: The Greens are ‘banners, bunting, billboards and protests’


Federal Member for Gellibrand Tim Watts has jumped on board the campaign trail to support his local Labor Party candidates who are all vying for votes ahead of the Victorian State Election on November 24.

Speaking with Labor Candidate for Prahran Neil Pharaoh on Wednesday, Tim Watts took the opportunity to offer up his own take on some of the other political parties, suggesting that The Greens are all ‘banners, bunting, billboards and protests’.

“The Greens, they talk a good show. They like to put up banners and build bunting and billboards everywhere. They attend protest rallies. They don’t deliver. They don’t deliver a single cent for their communities. I’ve seen it in Melbourne’s west,” he said.

“Labor’s delivering a $1.5 billion hospital for Footscray. We’re delivering a new school in Footscray. We’re delivering 100 schools across Victoria. That’s what Labor governments do. We deliver.”

“Others, they talk. The Liberals, they promise a lot. They broke those promises, but they don’t deliver. The Greens, they talk a lot. They’re never in government, so they can’t deliver. Labor delivers.”

The Greens may well ‘talk a lot’ but it appears talking could be their recipe for success, because credit where credit is due; The Greens campaigned for a new Footscray Hospital, and a new Sunshine College, before others made them election commitments.

Speaking on harnessing people power to influence decisions and policies made, Greens Member for Western Metropolitan Huong Truong said grassroots activism is alive and well in the West.

“The fight for Footscray Hospital and a full rebuild of Sunshine College was won around kitchen tables and community halls. We saw it with communities connecting to support each other to get the attention they deserve,” she said.

“This was following the West Footscray Fire and subsequent devastation of Stony Creek too. I couldn’t be more proud to represent this community and help build this grassroots people power.”

“Grassroots activism and organising communities works, even in ‘safe’ political seats where MPs from the old parties have checked out. I welcome anyone who would like to be part of our movement for change in the West to please get in touch.”

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