Tim Watts: Melissa Horne ‘will deliver for our community’ in the west

Tim Watts compares Scott Morrison to Daniel Andrews

Federal Member for Gellibrand Tim Watts gave a ‘hearty’ congratulations to first-time Labor candidate Melissa Horne for running an ‘outstanding’ campaign, assuring voters that their elected member will deliver for the community in Melbourne’s west.

In a speech to the Federal Parliament on Monday, Tim Watts took the opportunity to compare election campaigns between his elected Labor comrades with those that were run by local Liberal candidates.

“Victorians rejected the Liberal Party’s narrow and nasty campaign of fear and division and resoundingly endorsed the Andrews government’s positive agenda of getting things done and making things fair in health, education, infrastructure and climate change,” he said.

Tim Watts congratulated Labor candidate Melissa Horne for an ‘outstanding’ campaign in the Victorian State Election 2018.

“The election campaign exposed Liberal MPs who were completely out of touch with the electorate and a divided and chaotic party organisation that is not fit for purpose for modern Australia.”

“Many of the architects of this state of affairs sit opposite—Liberal MPs who have spent more time pursuing so-called left-wing termites and socialists in their own party than they have pursuing the support of voters in their own electorates.”

It appeared the Member for Gellibrand was on some sort of mission to ensure that his message made as many ears burn as possible, with Tim Watts making a number of swipes at senior Liberal MPs languishing after leadership woes.

“Liberals have spent more time trying to make the member for Dickson Prime Minister than they have trying to make our schools and hospitals the best in the world. The Liberal Party had nothing to say about rebuilding Footscray Hospital,” he said.

“Nothing to say about rebuilding schools like Sunshine secondary college, renovating schools like Altona North Primary School or rebuilding much-needed new ones like the Footscray Learning Precinct. They had nothing to say about fighting climate change.”

In his final words before time expired, Tim Watts said that a ‘positive agenda’ which delivers on real issues for the community resulted in Labor’s landslide state election victory, noting the efforts of first-time candidates in his electorate.

“I want to give my hearty congratulations to first-time Labor candidates in my electorate Katie Hall and Melissa Horne, who ran outstanding campaigns and will deliver for our community in Melbourne’s west,” he said.

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