Melissa Horne on Wade Noonan: ‘To follow his legacy will be an honour’

Melissa Horne at Yarraville Station Level Crossing

The Honourable Melissa Horne MP has delivered her first speech as Labor’s newly elected Member for Williamstown, noting her predecessor Wade Noonan among some ‘pretty formidable former MPs’ who leave large footsteps to follow.

“I’ve had the luck to follow in the footsteps of some pretty formidable former MPs, and I’ve known three of them. The most important, however, to me is the man I call my dear friend Wade Noonan and to be able to follow his legacy will be an honour,” Ms Horne said.

As the only candidate to attend the official ceremony facilitated by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) for the declaration of the election for the Williamstown electorate, Melissa Horne took the opportunity to thank her campaign team, voters and the VEC.

“We live in an incredible democracy… I think… the strongest democracy in the world, and it is an amazing privilege to be part of this. I’d like to say thank you to the VEC staff for upholding what I think is one of the most important tenants of our society,” Ms Horne said.

“I’d also like to thank my campaign team. We ran a really positive campaign. We focussed on the policies not the individual candidates. We put forward a really positive agenda that looks at things like delivering new and upgraded schools, better transport and more jobs.”

Speaking on her role and responsibilities as Member for Williamstown, which is in addition to her ministerial and cabinet commitments, Melissa Horne said she will work hard every single day and will continue to work with local communities to solve problems.

“I would like to finish the way that I started and continue to focus on sitting down and working with local communities to be able to solve problems collectively that continue to build on Labor’s positive agenda,” Ms Horne said.

“My commitment to the people for Williamstown is that I will work hard every single day that I am entrusted in this office, and I would like to thank everyone who voted for me and for the people of Williamstown.”

VEC Election Managers are required to publicly declare the election and to announce the name of the candidate elected. All candidates are advised of the date and time of the declaration and all elections must be declared before the return of the writ.

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