Melissa Horne: ‘Get trucks off streets, create clean jobs and improve air quality’

Melissa Horne at Yarraville Station Level Crossing

As the 16th member for the electorate of Williamstown, The Honourable Melissa Horne MP said her focus for the 59th Parliament will be on improving lives in the local community, revealing her commitment at the opening day of the Parliament on Wednesday.

In her inaugural speech as Minister for Public Transport and Ports and Freight, Melissa Horne said she will work to find ways to get more trucks off streets, work to create clean, high-tech jobs close to home, and improve air quality in the inner west.

“My partner and I moved to the inner west nearly 20 years ago. It is our home and where we raise our two boys. It is a great community and one that I am proud to be part of. My focus will be on improving lives in the local community,” Ms Horne said.

“I will continue the work of the previous Labor government to find ways to get more trucks off our streets; to work with industry to create clean, high-tech jobs close to home; and most importantly, to improve air quality in the inner west.”

“We have the policy settings and have started the work not only to deliver the jobs of the future but to improve the liveability of our local community, and this is my commitment to the people of Williamstown.”

Speaking on how a ‘massive infrastructure agenda’ in the Andrews Labor Government’s first term was essential in keeping existing and creating new jobs, Melissa Horne said she looks forward to further building on the successes of the work that had already been done.

Williamstown MP Melissa Horne’s inaugural speech at the opening day of the 59th Parliament of Victoria.

“We just kept creating thousands of jobs across the state. Many of these jobs are in my electorate of Williamstown, where we have a rich industrial history. We manufactured the first trains in Victoria, and we are manufacturing the latest trains,” Ms Horne said.

“Workers in Williamstown have built trains, they have built ships and they have built cars. We have been a community that has thrived on manufacturing, but we have also been a community that has seen significant change as companies have closed and moved.”

“I believe we are on the pathway to recreating that innovative manufacturing hub once again in the west, to provide the opportunities for our next generation of workers through investing in their skills and providing the right environment for innovation.”

If the electorate is able to build on its rich industrial history with innovation and creating cleaner jobs, Melissa Horne will be well placed to leave a lasting legacy like previous members for Williamstown: Joan Kirner, Steve Bracks, and Wade Noonan.

“There are many people who have put their faith in me to achieve this, and there are many people who have helped me along the way. It is humbling and an honour, and I will try every day to live up to their expectations,” Ms Horne said.

“There are a number of people who deserve a special thanks for their hard work in my campaign and their friendship, support and advice along this incredible journey. To Wade Noonan, whose selflessness, grace and wisdom taught me much.”

“To my family, who have tolerated an absent partner and mother in the interests of wanting to improve social justice and a better community, thank you.”

“To the voters who overwhelmingly endorsed the positive policies of the most progressive government in Australia. It is only Labor governments that deliver for the people of the western suburbs. That is what I intend to do, and it is great to get started now.”

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