Mayor Marsden: ‘I am confident in my Council, CEO and community’

Councillor Jonathon Marsden has been elected the new Mayor of Hobsons Bay at Council’s annual mayoral election on Friday night, with Councillor Michael Grech elected Deputy Mayor.

In his first speech as Mayor of Hobsons Bay, in which he ‘gladly’ accepted after being the only Councillor to be nominated, Jonathon Marsden said he was proud of the Council and grateful for the support of his fellow Councillors.

“The role of Mayor is not a reward or a prize. It is an invitation to fully participate in the life of the city and in the governance of the Council. It is an invitation from my Council that I gladly accept,” he said.

“We now begin a new Mayoral term which holds much promise, and while the future is not ours to see, we do know that the rate of change that we are now accustomed to will only accelerate.”

As a green thumb Mayor, and as a local member of the Australian Greens, Councillor Marsden also took the opportunity to highlight a couple of environmental challenges that he intends on tackling throughout his mayoral term.

“We as a community, and as a council, will have to discover new ways of adapting to rapidly changing expectations and circumstances. We will need to build resilience to make our community thrive in the face of climate change and rapid technological innovation,” he said.

Councillor Angela Altair with the newly appointed Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Councillor Jonathon Marsden.

“The work has already begun and we have made much significant progress on adapting to the imminent reality of sea level rise, damaging storm surges and the associated risk of flooding, and higher summertime temperatures.”

In a timely touch of reassurance to the community, Councillor Marsden also reminded Councillors of their responsibilities under the Local Government Act, insisting that all Councillors take responsibility for the financial health of the Council.

“We have excellent arrangements in place to ensure probity and good governance, but we must always remain vigilant. We can’t delegate the responsibility of the financial management of the Council to any officer or any individual,” he said.

Councillor Angela Altair with the newly appointed Deputy Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Councillor Michael Grech.

“Our fellow citizens have entrusted us with the responsibility of developing a budget that will meet the needs of our residents and ratepayers, and fulfill the vision of our guiding documents which were crafted with extensive consultation with the community.”

“I’m confident that we can deliver because I am confident in my council team, and my CEO and his team, and the many talented and dedicated people who make up the community of Hobsons Bay.”

It is understood that Councillor Marsden, as newly appointed Mayor of Hobsons Bay, will present his mayoral program to the Council for their endorsement at next month’s council meeting in December.

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