Martinu and improved: Local Liberal floats fund to fix Altona Boat Ramp

Liberal Candidate for Altona Christian Martinu floated his boat in Altona on Sunday, announcing an elected Liberal Government would splash some cash on Altona Boat Ramp and deliver a ‘better and fairer’ deal for local boaties and recreational fishers.

Speaking to locals at a public protest which called for all political parties to review policies and investment in boating, the local Liberal revealed plans for a Blue Infrastructure Fund, to provide ‘first-class’ infrastructure and services for recreational water users.

The Blue Infrastructure Fund was presented as an opportunity for investment in boat ramps, jetties, navigational lighting as well as onshore facilities such as bigger car parks and cleaning tables.

Liberal Candidate for Altona Christian Martinu meets local boaties and promises ‘significant upgrades’ to Altona Boat Ramp.

Hoping to get local boaties hooked on the fund, Christian Martinu described it as a ‘game changer’ for the area and promised that ‘significant upgrades’ to Altona Boat Ramp, amongst others, would preserve and protect Port Phillip Bay now and into the future.

“This election there will be a clear choice for waterway users. Daniel Andrews and Labor have no plan to protect and enhance our waterways and that’s a problem for the Hobsons Bay community,” Mr Martinu said.

The State Government recently announced a $1 million-dollar Recreational Fishing Grants Program. It is understood the program returns money collected through fishing licence fees back to recreational anglers.

Liberal Candidate for Altona Christian Martinu is currently pounding the pavements throughout the electorate, vying for votes as he hopes to claim the seat of Altona at the upcoming Victorian State Election in November.

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