Jonathon Marsden: ‘Leyland brothers’ buses ‘behind by 50 years’

Councillor Jonathon Marsden spoke with Jon Faine on ABC 774 about the ‘transport crisis’ and buses in Melbourne’s west.

Hobsons Bay Councillor Jonathon Marsden has spoken on what he claims to be a ‘transport crisis’ with ‘Leyland brothers’ style bus services that are ‘behind by 50 years,’ speaking with ABC Melbourne talkback radio host Jon Faine on Friday morning.

Speaking in his capacity as Chair of the LeadWest transport group, Councillor Marsden went live-to-air at an outdoor broadcast from the old courthouse in Melton, as part of the ABC ‘Victoria Votes’ coverage leading up to the Victorian State Election in November.

When presenter Jon Faine questioned the Councillor about his thoughts on Victoria’s public transport system, and in particular the bus network, Jonathon Marsden gave his assessment, made some suggestions and called for further investment in the sector.

Jonathon Marsden on the ‘transport crisis’ and buses in Melbourne’s west. (19/10/18)

“The old model of bus services are lagging behind by 50 years. They just don’t meet the needs of the population. I call them Leyland brothers routes because they travel all over the countryside, full of air and don’t go directly to where people need to be,” he said.

“It needs a re-think, maybe smaller agile buses on demand, an Uber style product, or just straightening out the routes, making them more frequent, direct and comfortable, and electrifying the fleet as well.”

It is estimated currently 7% of trips are done by public transport, and 70% are done by private car. Latest population figures reveal 1 in 6 Melburnians currently live in the western suburbs, and by 2050 that figure is expected to change to 1 in 3.

Hobsons Bay Councillor Jonathon Marsden speaking with ABC Melboune talkback radio host Jon Faine on ABC 774.

“Fully one third of Melbourne’s population will need access to reliable, direct, frequent and all-day public transport. We have to catch up and plan for the future. The time to invest is now,” Cr Marsden said.

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