Huong Truong: I’m sick of Labor’s ‘nasty tactics’ and ‘dodgy stuff’

Greens MP Huong Truong speaks on Labor Party

Greens MP Huong Truong has returned a serve to Labor, claiming campaign ‘nasty tactics’ and ‘dodgy stuff’ at polling booths, following a number of public comments that Labor has made about Greens candidates ahead of the the Victorian State Election on November 24.

Hoping to hold her seat as the Greens Member for Western Metropolitan Region, Huong Truong has faced a challenging campaign, made more challenging when it was revealed Labor preferenced The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party above her.

The two-week pre-polling period has been a battle of the booths for Huong Truong who has faced an army of red shirts in her travels, but it is the foot soldiers who have provided plenty of stories for her to share with the world in videos posted to social media.

“Labor with their nasty tactics and their intimidation tactics. They’re playing some really funny bugger games like telling people their votes are invalid if they’re not voting Labor, so really, really dodgy stuff. They’re making the really long days even longer,” she said.

In addition to the campaigning conduct claims, Huong Truong has also shared her views about ‘safe Labor seats’ and what she claims constituents are missing out on, noting public transport and environmental issues among the underdone in some areas.

“The Labor Party promised and promised and promised and never delivered on cleaning up air in Brooklyn and Altona North. You’re sick of Labor, I’m sick of Labor. You’re sick of being neglected, I’m sick of being neglected,” she said.

Greens MP Huong Truong has claimed campaign ‘nasty tactics’ and ‘dodgy stuff’ at polling booths from Labor volunteers.

“Did the bus leave without me or is just super late? I’m pretty sure none of the Labor MPs in this area have taken a bus in the last couple of months, couple of years, maybe in their life, but let me tell you, this is not okay.”

Labor leaders have made a number of comments about Greens candidates, with the resignation of Joanna Nilson (North Metro) over social media posts about shoplifting and drugs marking the start of a challenging and controversial campaign for The Greens.

Next up was Greens candidate Angus McAlpine (Footscray) who was forced to make a public apology after he was revealed as being a former rapper named ‘FatGut’ who rapped lyrics from an album that features songs about domestic violence, drugs and date rape.

The latest blow involves Greens candidate Dominic Phillips (Sandringham) who was stood down after being accused of rape. Mr Phillips was suspended from all campaigning duties pending an investigation, but remains representing The Greens on the ballot paper.

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