Bentley’s belter: Lisa lets loose with party people post election

Lisa Bentley ran as an independent candidate for the seat of Williamstown in the recent Victorian State Election, but it appears the independent can still toe a party line, according to a recently recorded video that captured the candidate at a party post election.

In the video obtained by Willy and Hobby, which is understood to have been recorded on December 1, Lisa Bentley is dancing with another woman and a DJ who was booked for a corporate Christmas party at the Woolshed waterfront bar and restaurant in Docklands.

The independent candidate sported a bright yellow t-shirt throughout her recent election campaign, but it appears the bright lights of a Docklands dancefloor might have been too much for Lisa Bentley who sported sunglasses for her recent impromptu performance.

Honouring the English pop duo Wham which consisted of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, Lisa Bentley belted out lyrics to Wake me up before you go-go, assuring anyone who voted for her that this independent woman will not be resting anytime soon.

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