Australian Federal Election 2019: The Gellibrand campaign begins

We are now facing five weeks of politicians telling us how good they are and tempting us with policy treats. Some of us will enjoy the campaign, most will try to ignore it.

Gellibrand is a safe seat for the Labor Party, so we shouldn’t expect too many treats as compared to marginal seats looking for government support.

Election day is Saturday 18th May 2019, but you don’t have to face the hordes of voters and pesky campaign booth workers as you line up to vote – you can vote early and get it out of the way before election day. But if you are a powerful swinging voter, who usually votes on what policies directly impacts them, wait for the last week of the campaign to hear the last-minute treats for voters.

Here are a few important dates for you to reflect on:

If you are new to the electorate of Gellibrand, have never voted and are not on the electoral roll, then get on it, time is running out – registration closes on Thursday 18 April. You can register to vote online at

If you want to run for the parliament, nominations close on Tuesday 23 April, but you’ll need a $2,000 nomination fee.

The good news is that pre-polling opens on the Monday 29 April, and you can vote at 4 locations from that date. This is especially good if you are going to be away or you are busy on the Saturday 18 May.

  • Braybrook – the Gellibrand electoral office, 6-12 South Road.
  • Altona – The Finnish Society, 119 Pier Street.
  • Footscray – 21 Victoria Street.
  • City – 530 Collins Street.

Electors can also request a mail vote from the AEC and these can be mailed with a date stamp before Wednesday 15 May. Major parties will probably have information about a mail vote hitting your mail box during the campaign, but it may be best to request a mail voting package direct with the AEC rather than having politicians knowing your details.

Election day is more than a ‘democracy sausage’ served by the local school committee. It really is your rights at work provided by our system of government which is one of the safest democracies in the world. These rights include the freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion, and the freedom to vote.

Voting is a right of freedom we enjoy – don’t waste it.

We will cover the campaign over the next five weeks providing news and analysis as it relates to the electors in Gellibrand. We welcome questions and news from all the campaigns.

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