Angela Altair honours Wade Noonan on his retirement from politics

Hobsons Bay Councillor Angela Altair has honoured retiring Williamstown MP Wade Noonan, acknowledging his many years of service to the state where he also worked closely with Council, aiming to achieve best possible outcomes for the community.

Speaking in council chambers at the ordinary council meeting on Tuesday night, Councillor Altair thanked Mr Noonan for his hard work and offering well wishes for his future which was understood to be a much more private life.

“Once again, I would like to commend our retiring local member, Mr Wade Noonan, because it was through his hard work and intercession that we were able to attract the very considerable money from State Government,” she said.

“We were successful not least because we work so cooperatively with Mr Noonan over the 11 years of his service and I’m sure everyone around the table has every good wish for him in his new private life.”

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