ALTONY2018: Tony Hooper’s first purple policy on congested roads

Independent Candidate for Altona Tony Hooper has revealed the first of his purple policies, a Congested Local Roads policy, an announcement he hopes will win votes as the Wyndham City Councillor contests the upcoming Victorian State Election in November.

The policy outlines the candidate’s commitment to fixing the region’s road congestion and safety issues on local streets with a number of key projects highlighted including the installation of traffic lights at the intersections of Point Cook Road and Sneydes Road.

Other projects highlighted include Black Spot funding for the Altona Meadows freeway entrance and Newland Street On/off ramps to be built on Grieve Parade to divert 7,000 trucks from Millers Road.

In announcing his Congested Local Roads policy, Tony Hooper said he has plans to ease congestion on over-capacity roads, with focus on Point Cook Rd, Kororoit Creek Rd, Millers Rd, Blackshaws Rd, and bottlenecks in Laverton.

“Speaking with locals, the congestion on our roads is a major issue. The State Government roads throughout our region are at or over capacity, with a lack of investment leading this congestion,” Mr Hooper said.

“It’s no secret that congestion contributes to long travel times, poorer mental and physical health, anti-social behaviour, and more. We’ve waited for too long for our congested roads to be fixed, and with your support it’s something I intend to address.”

Independent Candidate for Altona Tony Hooper reveals the first of his purple policies; the Congested Local Roads policy.

Speaking with local media outlet Point Cook TV at the infamous intersection at the corner of Dunnings and Sneydes roads in Point Cook, Tony Hooper took the opportunity to dangle his list of local issues whilst also providing a message to all political parties.

“If I’m elected I will certainly be taking the list of requirements that I’ve got for both Labor and Liberal – If they want to be in power, they’ll need to look at that list and actually start addressing the needs of this community,” Mr Hooper said.

Giving credit where credit is due, Tony Hooper made sure he did not forget to acknowledge previous investments made by the State Government to the tune of 1.8 billion dollars into the region’s roads.

Tony Hooper hopes Altona considers Altony in 2018, as the independent candidate prepares to contest the seat Altona.

“The Western Upgrade Package announced a few years ago is not a small investment, and provides welcome additions to our road network, but it is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is needed,” Mr Hooper said.

The State Government recently announced a further $4 billion dollars for the Suburban Roads Upgrade, with works planned for Leakes Road, Derrimut Road and Dunnings and Palmers Roads to slash congestion, improve access and safety and boost traffic flow.

Wyndham Councillor Tony Hooper is hoping Altona considers Altony in 2018, with the Councillor poised to run as an independent candidate for the seat of Altona at the upcoming Victorian State Election in November.

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