ALTONY2018: Tony Hooper to run for Altona in Victorian State Election

Wyndham Councillor Tony Hooper has announced he will run for the seat of Altona at the upcoming Victorian State Election.

Wyndham Councillor Tony Hooper is hoping Altona considers Altony in 2018, with the Councillor poised to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming Victorian State Election in November.

Making a run for it in the seat of Altona, which includes Altona Meadows, Laverton, Point Cook, Seabrook and Seaholme, Tony Hooper said he intends on putting local needs ahead of broken party politics.

“With the lack of governing for people and party-political fighting at both the state and federal levels, I am confident people are wanting a local voice to fight for things that really matter,” Mr Hooper said.

“I will stand as a proud independent and I promise you that I will stand firm on principles above party-based power struggles. Our political systems are broken, and it’s time people took the power back from the out of touch political parties.”

His announcement comes at a time when major parties face increased scrutiny over disunity, policy positions and pennies spent from the public purse, leaving doors wide open for minor parties and independents to claim an office and rearrange the furniture.

In announcing a run for the seat of Altona as an independent candidate in the November state election, Tony Hooper said his policy priorities are traffic congestion, public transport, local schools, local jobs, law and order, and the local environment.

“Each of these are things I am proud to advocate for on behalf of our local community because this is what people want and I’ve got a track record in delivering on these issues,” Mr Hooper said.

The Councillor and Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) holds a solid CV at face value, having worked within small to medium businesses for over a decade, including as a senior executive in a major media company and as Financial Controller for a not-for-profit.

To learn more about Tony Hooper, his policy priorities and information on how you can support him on his run for Altona at the upcoming Victorian State Election in November, you can visit his website.

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