Cas and Heather are Hobsons Bay’s first same-sex married couple

Cas Willow and Heather Richards held each other’s hands on Monday as they became Hobsons Bay’s first same-sex married couple and one of the first same-sex couples to be legally married in Australia.

The ceremony was sad and beautiful in equal measure, with the recent news that Cas’ cancer had spread to her brain, meaning time was of the essence for the Williamstown couple to celebrate their love and have it legally recognised.

The pair have been together 17 years. Their love has always been real, but now it is law, Cas will be able to call Heather her wife for the rest of her life.

In attendance at the ceremony were a number of special guests including the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, as well as a host of close family and friends.

“We asked the Registrar to do whatever is needed so that Cas and Heather get their official wedding certificate in time. It’s the first same-sex marriage certificate printed in Victoria,” said Premier Andrews.

“(The) wedding was a moving reminder of all those who could get their love and commitment legally recognised in time – and all those who couldn’t,” added Premier Andrews.

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