Australian mayor-riage for Deputy Mayor Tony Briffa

Councillor Tony Briffa, Deputy Mayor of Hobsons Bay, has once again proposed to wife Manja and will finally marry in Australia, having their love legally and rightly recognised as a same-sex couple.

The announcement follows news that the same-sex marriage postal survey returned a YES result, with 61.6% of participants supporting the change to Australia’s marriage law, versus 38.4% of participants who do not.

“We won the survey and we’re already married in New Zealand, Malta, the Netherlands and lots of other countries, but I proposed to Manja again and she said yes! I guess the emotion of the day made me sentimental,” Cr. Briffa said.

It’s been a massive month for the Councillor, who was recently elected as the Deputy Mayor of Hobsons Bay City Council for the third time, having served as Councillor from 2008-14, Mayor in 2011-12, and Deputy Mayor in 2009-10 and 2010-11.

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