Free flu shots at Bunnings in Altona to boost protection

Local tradie Luke Wellsteed and nurse immuniser Wendy Reid are ready for the clinic.

A free pop-up flu clinic will come to Bunnings in Altona to help encourage men and their families to get vaccinated ahead of flu season.

Health data shows we need to do more to get people vaccinated during flu season, especially vulnerable population groups. In our region this includes middle-aged men, who are some of the least likely groups of people to get vaccinated.

The clinic will be at Bunnings Altona on Saturday 2 June and will run between 10am and 2pm, and will open to everyone (unless contraindicated).

The clinic is a partnership between North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network, the Immunisation Coalition and Vaccin8@work, and are funded by the Victorian Government.

Vaccines had already been allocated to the Bunnings clinic before the Victorian Government’s announcement last Friday that all remaining flu vaccines would be reserved for vulnerable populations.

Two further Bunnings clinics and clinics at homeless centres and community health services are also planned, dependent on vaccine supplies becoming available.

NWMPHN CEO Adjunct Associate Professor Christopher Carter said last year’s bad flu season shows just how important it is to get protected.

“The stats show most men don’t plan to get a flu shot this year. But it doesn’t matter how fit, healthy or strong you are – the flu can put anyone on their back for a week, or even land you in hospital,” A/Prof Carter said.

“That’s why we’re bringing flu clinics to Bunnings this year, to make it as easy to get your flu shot as it is to grab a sausage from the sizzle.”

Bunnings Altona clinic
Saturday 2 June
Book online at

Bookings for the flu clinic are available now and are highly recommended given the likely level of demand and limited stock available.

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