Queen fashion flavour for Angela Altair’s Mayor-wear

Queen Elizabeth II and Hobsons Bay Mayor Angela Altair in leopard print, which is still not endangered in wardrobes today.

Fashion icon Jenny Kee, known for her bright and colourful contributions to the fashion industry, is among those Australians who have been recognised in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours list.

No stranger to fashion herself, Queen Elizabeth often makes headlines for what comes out of the palace wardrobe, which more recently included a lime green ensemble for the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Queen Elizabeth II and Hobsons Bay Mayor Angela Altair in olive green, ready to commando roll at any moment.

Hobsons Bay Mayor Angela Altair also appears to not be afraid of a vibrant colour block, but the councillor could be familiarising herself with the Queen’s fashion a lot more than may have previously been thought.

The proof could be in the pictures, where Queen Elizabeth and Angela Altair appear to have both taken a liking to leopard print, olive green and hot pink. It could be a coincidence or Hobsons Bay could actually be getting the royal treatment.

Queen Elizabeth II and Hobsons Bay Mayor Angela Altair in hot pink, trying to reclaim the palette from the Barbie enterprise.

See the full list of Australian recipients in the Queen’s Birthday 2018 honours list at the Governor-General’s website.

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