Altona tradie Evan Galerakis trades tools for Top Model runway

Altona apprentice tradesman Evan Galerakis is on his way to becoming the world’s next Top Model.

Altona apprentice tradesman Evan Galerakis is hanging up his tool belt for a chance at becoming the world’s next Top Model, after making it through the Victorian qualifying rounds in Melbourne on Sunday.

It was welcome news for the 23-year-old chippy, whose apprenticeship had been haunting him for the past six months, after succumbing to a knee injury that has spelt doubt over the future of his carpentry career.

“I had surgery on my knee late last year, so I couldn’t finish the physical part of my apprenticeship, but I’m lucky that they are letting me finish off my schooling, so I will still end up with a qualification,” he said.

Evan Galerakis impressed the Top Model judges with a natural ability for walking the catwalk, a talent he could not attribute to his short-lived carpentry career and experience walking the worksite, or from his part-time hospitality gig at Mosaic restaurant in Altona.

“I haven’t really done much modelling before. The agency that I signed with, Real People, they said that I had some potential. I’ve only been with them a few months and I haven’t done much modelling, it’s been mainly extras work that they have been giving me,” he said.

It was the push that put Evan Galerakis under the spotlight and on the catwalk, where he tested his potential against more than fifty other contestants in the Victorian finals, before being advised that he had made it through to the Australian finals in March next year.

“I think there was a total of 56 people and about 25 or 26 of us went through. The majority of the contestants were female, there were only ten males altogether. I think they took about four guys in the end,” he said.

“The Australian final is in March next year. They have to go around the other states first and select the other contestants before we all compete in the national final. Hopefully I get through the Australian qualifiers and then go to London for the world competition.”

Making it through to the Australian finals came as a surprise for the apprentice tradesman from Altona, but Evan Galerakis said even if he had not of made it through to the Australian finals, he was still amazed by his experience.

“The winner of the world title last year came down, so I met her, and I met the judges and other people who have been in the industry for a while. It was an amazing experience. I was completely out of my comfort zone, but happy to have made it through to the next stage,” he said.

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