Police pull plug on anti-vaxxer’s visit to Jill Hennessy’s office


Victoria Police members attended the Point Cook office of Health Minister and Member for Altona Jill Hennessy last week, after office staff became concerned for their own personal safety over an unscheduled visit from an anti-vaxxer campaigner.

Plain clothed officers arrived on scene at about 5.30pm on November 22 – two days before the Victorian State Election – to find an anti-vaxxer campaigner requesting to see the Minister’s own vaccination records, as well as those of her children.

The campaigner is a self-professed ‘health politics advocate’ who spends most of their time on campaigning efforts towards fighting what they claim to be ‘corruption’ within Australia’s pharmaceutical industry.

Big Pharma conspiracy theorists claim that the medical establishment in general and pharmaceutical companies in particular, especially the large ones, operate for sinister purposes and against the public good.

The campaigner believes the so-called corruption impacts political and regulatory matters, therefore critical of Ms Hennessy in her role as Health Minister and the capacity in which she represents, endorses and regulates health related programs including vaccinations.

It is understood the purpose of the campaigner’s visit was only to request records of the Minister, as well as those of her children. The campaigner said they represent parents of vaccine-damaged children who debate the notion that vaccines are safe and effective.

Police attended the Point Cook office of Health Minister Jill Hennessy last week to meet with an anti-vaxxer campaigner.

The Department of Health maintains that immunisation is the most significant public health intervention, providing a safe and effective way to prevent the spread of many diseases that cause hospitalisation, serious ongoing health conditions and sometimes death.

Since the introduction of vaccination for children in Australia in 1932, deaths from vaccine-preventable diseases have fallen by 99 per cent, despite a threefold increase in population. Worldwide, immunisation programs prevent approximately three million deaths each year.

In Australia, every vaccine must pass strict safety testing before the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) will register it for use. They are also tested on thousands of people who take part in large clinical trials. Approval of vaccines can take up to 10 years.

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