Police arrest man after Altona Coles car park collisions


Victoria Police members from the Altona North Police Station arrested a man who was allegedly drink driving before he crashed his vehicle into two parked cars at the Coles car park in Altona on Friday night.

It is alleged the man was attempting to park his vehicle at about 8.30pm when he hit a side panel of the first car as he was turning into a park. The man then allegedly hit the second car which was in front of him as he attempted to align his vehicle.

Willy and Hobby has been told that following the two collisions the man attempted to exit his vehicle when he fell out of his car and onto the bitumen. It’s believed a witness carried out a citizen’s arrest on the man who was held until police arrived.

Victoria Police members from Altona North Police Station arrested a man at the Altona Coles car park.

The Hobsons Bay summer policing team is currently targeting antisocial behaviour around Williamstown and Altona beaches until mid-March, with another police operation running concurrently to conduct checks in and around late-night licensed venues.

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