Michelle Hext: Willy Beach pervert was ‘watching me and jerking off’

Author and business coach Michelle Hext said a man in stockings was watching her and ‘jerking off’ at Williamstown Beach.

Local author and business coach Michelle Hext has detailed a shocking encounter with a pervert, in the hope of providing a warning to women who walk along Williamstown Beach, where a man wearing stockings was watching her and ‘jerking off’.

“This afternoon I went for a walk along the water from Shelley’s Beach Pavilion in the direction of the football stadium and as I was walking past the angling club a man was walking towards me,” Ms Hext said.

“As I got closer to him, I thought; is he wearing stockings? He was, and they were black but transparent. As I got closer to him he lifted his jumper and I got an eyeful. I was a bit taken aback and kept walking thinking maybe I was seeing things.”

“I noticed a green ute had been going up and down the road but didn’t pay too much attention to it other than to observe it was slightly unusual behaviour. The ute is teal (green/blue) and a late model. If I had to guess I’d say it was a Ford.”

“I was walking along happily and then glanced over to my left and saw him sitting at the table that sits between the track and the football stadium. It’s hidden by shrubs. It dawned on me that he’d been following me in his car to get ahead of me.”

“There’s no way he could have got there faster than me on foot. He was sitting there watching me and jerking off. I looked directly at him, hands on hips and then started walking towards him. He took off at a flat out run to get into his car and leave.”

“I chased him across the oval but didn’t get close enough to capture his number plate. I called the cops and luckily the grey house on the corner has a security camera that would have captured him running so the cops were going to go and get the tapes.”

Police have been told the man was seen around the Williamstown Beach area at about 2pm on Monday afternoon. He is perceived as being Caucasian in his mid to late 30’s and 5ft10, with dark hair and Athletic lean build.

Anyone with information that might assist with the investigation is urged to contact Williamstown Police on 9393 9555, Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential report online at the Crime Stoppers website.

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