Dangerous driving range repeated for not so great golfer

A young man has had his Volkswagen Golf hatch impounded again after he was caught excessively speeding again.

A young man has once again had his Volkswagen Golf hatch impounded after he was caught excessively speeding, allegedly clocked at more than 50km over the speed limit, on his favourite freeway in Laverton on Tuesday night.

The 18-year-old driver was intercepted by Victoria Police members from the Westgate Highway Patrol, after they clocked his vehicle allegedly travelling at 160km/h in a 100km zone on the Princes Highway at about 10pm.

After saying goodbye to his Golf, which was immediately impounded, the driver was informed he is expected to be charged on summons with excessive speeding and other speed related offences.

The P-Plater had only just received his car back after it was impounded, at a cost of $1006.00, earlier in July this year. He was detected travelling more than 200km/h on the same stretch of freeway in Laverton.

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