Crab walks and seahorse swims but seagulls fly in after statues stolen

Sharon Walsh from the Altona Village Traders Association at the site of the stolen statues on the Altona Beach foreshore.

A crab walked, and a seahorse swam from their solid statue homes on the Altona Beach foreshore, with help from some thoughtless thieves who certainly do not deserve a bronze medal out of this one.

The crab and seahorse were part of a set of five bronze statues, forming the Seaborn collection, which were commissioned by Hobsons Bay City Council and produced by sculptor Pauline Fraser in 2005.

Sharon Walsh from the Altona Village Traders Association was part of the working group for the foreshore artwork and said she was “absolutely gutted” to see two of the five statues had been stolen.

“There was a working group that got together. We wanted some art here that represented us and Altona. All these creatures, minus the two, are found out in our water so it was really relevant,” Ms Walsh said.

“As you can see they are shiny. They were never shiny to start with, and they shine because of the joy that they bring to lots of children who have touched them over the years. They are ours, they belong to us, the community.”

“I saw this yesterday and I was gutted, absolutely gutted. They’ve been here forever, and we see people constantly having their photos taken with them. They’re an important part of our foreshore.”

It is understood the crab and seahorse statues were stolen sometime on Sunday night or early Monday morning. Sharon Walsh said it is hard to believe that no one saw it, heard it or knows anything about it.

“They must have spent some time here. What amazes me is that no one saw this. Even standing here with cordless tools and an angle grinder you would have noise and you would have sparks. Someone has them and someone knows who has them,” Ms Walsh said.

“If you got them and they are in your back yard as ornaments just bring them back. Drop them at Council, drop them at one of the shops in Pier Street. No one is going to say anything, but you have taken things that are not yours and we want them back.”

In the meantime, it appears two seagulls have flown in as temporary replacements for the crab and seahorse that were stolen. A little birdy told us that the seagulls’ names are in fact Willy and Hobby.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Altona North Police on 9392 3111 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. You can also submit a confidential report on the Crime Stoppers website.

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