Greens MP Huong Truong ‘outraged’ over West Gate Tunnel tree removals

Western suburbs Greens MP Huong Truong ‘outraged’ over West Gate Tunnel tree removals.

Western suburbs Greens MP Huong Truong is ‘outraged’ over the West Gate Tunnel contractors clearing up to 70 trees, which allegedly upset Hobsons Bay City Council, at the Altona North urban forest.

In a statement to Willy and Hobby, Ms Truong said the claims made by Hobsons Bay City Council and the destruction of parkland is just the beginning of the project’s negative impacts on the local communities.

[West Gate Tunnel contractors clear up to 70 trees in Altona North]

“The project locks us into pollution and congestion and now, without council approval, has gone rogue removing trees that community groups spent decades cultivating,” Ms Truong said.

“Toll roads divide communities, while parklands and green spaces bring them together. I am outraged at this blatantly unauthorised tree removal. Unless we stop this disastrous project, communities should prepare for more negative impacts.”

[Nature calls for Wade Noonan to nurture Council over tree removals]

The western suburbs Greens MP also issued an open invitation to any community members with concerns about the project, inviting them to join the Green’s campaign against the toll road.

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