Angela Altair goes on air with Rafael Epstein to talk boomerang bags

Mayor Angela Altair hit the airwaves of ABC 774 to speak with Rafael Epstein about Hobsons Bay Boomerang Bags.

Hobsons Bay Mayor Angela Altair has declared ‘the boomerang times has come,’ following the ban of plastic bags from some of the big Australian supermarket chains, speaking with ABC Melbourne talkback radio host Rafael Epstein on Thursday afternoon.

The radio spot was one of many throughout the month of July that supported an ABC ‘war on waste’ campaign. Presenter and journalist Rafael Epstein started a conversation on the boomerang bags initiative, prompting a call from Councillor Angela Altair.

Angela Altair talks Hobsons Bay Boomerang Bags with Rafael Epstein. (ABC)

“It was originally a Queensland initiative and boomerang comes from the fact that you have to return them. They are made by a wonderful group of people, mainly women, and they’re putting bins outside supermarkets and the idea is you return them,” Cr Altair said.

“Best of all it’s a social phenomenon too because people meet in a wonderful place called the Loom Room where they make them up. It’s a fantastic network that involves the people, the men mainly, from the Men’s Shed. They make the bins.”

“Hobsons Bay Boomerang Bags was started by a wonderful woman named Marilyn Olliff. It’s just a terrific initiative and of course now that the supermarkets have banned the plastic bags the boomerang times has come.”

It is not the first time Angela Altair has spruiked boomerang bags. The Mayor recently spoke with Hobsons Bay Boomerang Bags founder Marilyn Olliff in an online video to promote World Environment Day.

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