Altona flight path to be 500 feet lower and 2 decibels louder

The controlled airspace over Altona that has been requested to be lowered.

Airservices Australia, the nation’s air navigation service provider, has requested that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) approve their request to lower controlled airspace over Altona, in order to introduce new Smart Path technology at Melbourne Airport.

The new technology is said to provide planes a more precise approach into Melbourne Airport from the south, but requires controlled airspace to be 500 feet lower, which would result in a 2 decibel increase to noise pollution.

Aircraft currently use the airspace over Altona to track along the coast. They currently fly between 500ft and 2500ft. The lowering of airspace along this route will require the aircraft to fly lower – between 500ft and 2000ft.

Airservices Australia said the change is required to meet new regulations to safely manage incoming flights on approach to Melbourne Airport, with aircraft to fly slightly lower during a small section of their final approach.

“Environmental assessments indicate there will be no discernible increase in aircraft noise on the ground. Residents are not expected to experience noticeable changes to noise levels,” an Airservices Australia spokesperson said.

Following approval from CASA, the change is anticipated to come into effect on 8th November 2018. Any concerned residents are asked to contact Airservices Noise Complaints and Information Service on 1800 802 584.

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