Wade Noonan’s kinder surprise for Hobsons Bay early learners

Williamstown MP Wade Noonan visits Emma McLean Kindergarten in Spotswood to personally deliver the news.

Two Hobsons Bay kindergartens are among 219 kinders across Victoria that have been successful in receiving funding from the Inclusive Kinder Facilities Program, the State Government announced today.

The grants, which total close to $13,000, will go towards better equipment at Emma McLean and Home Road Kindergartens, as part of a $6.4 million investment by the State Government into early learning facilities, equipment and supports.

Emma McLean Kindergarten in Spotswood received a grant of $10,000, which will provide specialised equipment for students in need, and enable staff to tailor classes to individual students’ needs.

The kinder was recently visited by Williamstown MP Wade Noonan, who delivered the news in person, congratulating the kinder on its successful bid and the ongoing positive role it plays in the community.

“This is about giving our local kinders the resources they need to support the individual needs of every student. Sometimes small grants go a very long way to enrich the kinder experience for local children,” Mr Noonan said.

Williamstown MP Wade Noonan brushing up on his recycling knowledge at Emma McLean Kindergarten in Spotswood.

Kindergarten Teacher Jessica Johnson, who has been with Emma McLean Kindergarten for over 10 years, said the grant is the biggest grant the kinder has ever received, describing the announcement as “tremendous”.

“The grant has certainly expanded our ability to cater to children of all abilities, provide a more inclusive environment and enable us to meet the needs of our community, which is wonderful,” Ms Johnson said.

“Normally we would be doing cake drives and raffles to raise money to purchase equipment, so this is an extraordinary boost to our resources. We would like to thank the State Government and Wade Noonan for making the funds available.”

Home Road Kinder in Newport also received a grant of $2,782, which will enable it to purchase equipment to ensure that kids that require sensory assistance get the most out of their early years’ education.

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