Green heads and hands after Altona students slime teachers

Students slimed teachers at Mount St Joseph Girls’ College on Friday, all in the name of science for National Science Week.

There were green heads and hands at Mount St Joseph Girls’ College in Altona on Friday, after students slimed teachers who did not quite meet the mark required to win the school’s science quiz.

Concluding a week worth of fun activities as part of National Science Week, which included walking on eggs and making exploding foam, it was the Slime Time Science Quiz which students appeared most excited about.

Mount St Joseph Girls’ College Science Leader Wendy Hawkins came up with the idea to slime staff and said they were excited and happy to volunteer, until they found out students would be sliming them.

“They were a little apprehensive once the students were behind them with the bucket of slime. Lab Technician Marzia Devic was the brains behind creating the slime which consisted of water, flour, baby shampoo and food dye,” Ms Hawkins said.

“The quiz consisted of roughly 25 multiple choice questions which members of the science team came up with. Our host was Science Teacher Jay McMillian. The rules were simple – Three wrong answers and you were slimed.”

The teachers did not fare as well as they hoped to in the quiz, with all six staff members who participated receiving three strikes, which meant that all six staff members were subjected to a sliming by their students.

Those slimed included Science Leader Wendy Hawkins, Psychology Teacher Natasha Jolly, Learning Leader Katherine Anastasi, Pedagogy and Innovation Director Adam Gonzalez, Student Wellbeing Deputy Principal Steven Mifsud and College Timetabler Chris Lavery.

The Slime Time Science Quiz was one of the highlights of the National Science Week program at Mount St Joseph Girls’ College, which Science Leader Wendy Hawkins said consisted of many fun activities.

“The students made ‘elephant toothpaste’ which involved mixing detergent, potassium iodide and hydrogen peroxide to create a foam explosion – with each one bigger than the last,” Ms Hawkins said.

“We also had a walking on eggs experiment where students tried to walk across eight dozen raw eggs and not break any. This was done with varying levels of success and a lot of egg yolk.”

“We watched the movie ‘Hidden Figures’ to highlight the importance of women in science. Year 12 students celebrated women in science with students from ten other colleges. They heard from 29-year-old Jacqui Savage who created the MedCorp Technologies company.”

“The Year 12 Chemistry class attended a chemical analysis workshop at the Victorian Space Science Education Centre. Students were able to try a range of spectroscopic and chromatographic techniques.”

“Three students went to Scienceworks for the Aurecon Bridge Building competition. The competition encourages students to use their engineering skills to build the strongest model bridge possible. Our students won the $500 first prize money in their category.”

“Students also celebrated National Science Week with some of our brightest STEAM minds at the Hobsons Bay Library, where they explored the future and how women in STEAM are paving the way.”

“They engaged in some hands-on experiments and were joined by Doctor Letizia Sammut, cognitive neuroscientist Doctor Anita Goh, physicist and philosopher Doctor Pip Wright and geneticist and lecturer Doctor Kiri Beilby.”

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