Williamstown RSL remains active: Anzac Day dawn service still planned

Anzac Day 2019 Williamstown dawn service

Although the Williamstown RSL headquarters has been razed to the ground and new works have begun for a new development, the Friends of the RSL remain keen to provide the annual Anzac Day dawn service for the community at the Williamstown cenotaph on Thursday 25 April 2019.

Solemn proceedings will commence at 5.45am with the conclusion of the service at 6.20am.

Hobsons Bay Yacht Club will then host the traditional ‘Gunfire Breakfast’.

… the usual term for the early cup of tea served out to troops in the morning before going on first parade, whenever possible. In the War [WWI] recruits in training always had ‘Gun Fire’ supplied to them, the work before breakfast being found particularly trying. The morning gun in a garrison town suggested the name probably.(E Fraser and J Gibbons, Soldier & Sailor Words & Phrases, Routledge, London, 1925, p. 113)

The evolution of this early morning cup of tea is now usually bacon and eggs, with beans the likely breakfast being offered at the yacht club; but, in the past it could have been coffee and rum, or a stew, sausage and bread. The yacht club is a strong supporter of the RSL and welcomes all visitors on the morning at the ceremony.

This year marks the 80th anniversary of the commencement of the Second World War and as we reflect on the issues surrounding this significant conflict we must also be thankful for the service and sacrifice of all our military personnel in many major regional conflicts since that time. The Williamstown RSL have established a ‘Friends of Williamstown RSL’ and continue to seek support, especially from former or current military service personnel.

The RSL is also interested in gaining support from Williamstown residents and encourage not only attendance at the cenotaph on Anzac Day, but also their meetings. 

For more information, email Bruce brucnsue@bigpond.net.au or Shannon at shannon@flask.com.au

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