Secret Saturday: The ‘confidential’ and ‘closed’ meeting for home care cuts

Hobsons Bay Councillors on decision day for home care cuts

Willy and Hobby is of the belief that Hobsons Bay City Council last Wednesday – two days prior to the event – advertised a Special Council Meeting that was ‘confidential and closed to the members of the public’.

Willy and Hobby is also of the belief that Hobsons Bay City Council published a notification of the above-mentioned meeting on its own website, and that notification of the meeting is a requirement.

Willy and Hobby is also of the belief that at a currently unknown point in time Hobsons Bay City Council made amendments to the published notification, later adding that the meeting was ‘open to the public’.

Willy and Hobby is unable to provide any other information or make any further comment on this matter at this time due to legal reasons. Stayed tuned to Willy and Hobby for updates on the Aged Care crisis.

Statement from Lisa Darmanin, Australian Services Union Branch Secretary:

“The ASU wrote to Hobsons Bay councillors asking for an open process that would still allow Council to maintain commercial confidentiality. Open council decision making is a critical part of councillors being held accountable for their decisions.”

Statement from Hobsons Bay City Council spokeswoman:

“Council has received legal advice that clearly states that Council can validly hold the Special Council Meeting on Saturday.”

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