Prancing queens: Footscray drag race to be the race that stops a suburb

The Pride of our Footscray Community Bar will host a drag race around Footscray this Melbourne Cup Day on November 6.

The Pride of our Footscray Community Bar is set to become more colourful than jockeys on horses flying around Flemington this Melbourne Cup Day, with the Footscray bar preparing themselves for a drag race that will undoubtedly become the race the stops a suburb.

It will be ‘giddy-up’ from 12pm as the drag queens take off on a race where they will have to try and complete Footscray-esque tasks in the hope of being quickest to be first past the post, with the vision to be beamed back to the venue so people can watch it at the bar.

Pride of our Footscray Chief Bar Officer Mathew O’Keefe said whether people are on the way to their local, to a TAB or just walking around enjoying the public holiday, it will be hard to miss the action from the inaugural drag race around Footscray.

“The Melbourne Cup is an entrenched celebration in Melbourne. It seems to be getting increasingly controversial in some respects, so we didn’t want to just play the races, we wanted to do something that would be unique to us and engage Footscray,” he said.

“There had been a similar sort of event in Brisbane, which Abril La Trene our head drag queen had been involved with or knew about, and so we just decided to take that and apply it to Footscray, so our drag queens will visit iconic Footscray places.”

“They might have to go to Franco Cozzo and get a photo, get down to Whitten Oval and kick a football, go to one of the graffiti walls or go to one of the little bars around here and buy themselves a drink.”

“The races will be on for people that want to watch the races, and other than that the big drag queen race being beamed back. That will be done before the start of the Melbourne Cup to allow people to watch that as well.”

When asked about contingency plans for any drag queens who might happen to get a heel stuck in a tram track during the race, Mr O’Keefe said if anyone could tackle a challenge with the upmost creativity, determination and resourcefulness, it would be a drag queen.

“I think the thing about drag queens is that they’re extremely resourceful. They’re always having costume malfunctions, and they’re pretty tough, so if it’s 40 degrees or 3 degrees the show will go on somehow,” he said.

Melbourne Cup with Drag Race around Footscray
Tuesday 6 November
Pride of our Footscray Community Bar
Level 1, 86-88 Hopkins Street, Footscray

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