Directors depart and new faces front Council after shocking staff survey

Councillors farewell Hobsons Bay City Council director Peter Hunt

A restructure of Hobsons Bay City Council’s senior executive team and the departure of two directors from the organisation follows the release of results from a staff survey in which ‘respect for management’ was among the shocking staff feedback.

Recent departures from Hobsons Bay City Council has included that of long serving council officer Peter Hunt who was Director of Community Wellbeing. The role was replaced, with Council welcoming Penelope Winslade as Director of Sustainable Communities.

Council also farewelled its award-winning officer Tammi Rose who was Director of Corporate Services. The role remained in the senior executive team, with Council welcoming Andrew McLeod as Director of Corporate Services.

Hobsons Bay City Council also appears to have changed its Manager of Capital Works. The role once occupied by Marg Scanlon is now filled by Matthew Irving who is another recent recruit and a new face in the organisation.

There also appears to be a new person sitting in the chair of the Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. The role once occupied by Julie Brne is now filled by Sarah Bennetts. The change follows the appointment of a new CEO late last year.

Willy and Hobby can exclusively reveal that the recent restructure of Hobsons Bay City Council’s senior executive team and the departure of two directors from the organisation follows the release of shocking staff survey results.

More than fifty percent of staff completed the survey which revealed a shocking score of 12% for Respect for Management. The score speaks to whether staff believe ‘the leaders of Hobsons Bay City Council really know what they are doing’.

Accountability also scored a shocking 12%, speaking to whether staff believe ‘people are held accountable for achieving goals and meeting expectations’ and whether ‘poor performance is effectively addressed throughout Hobsons Bay City Council’.

Organisational Effectiveness also scored shockingly, with 11% speaking to whether staff believe Council ‘retains its most talented employees’ and 5% believing Council ‘is willing to make changes when necessary in order to remain competitive’.

In an email to staff, Hobsons Bay City Council’s chief executive officer Aaron van Egmond noted that some of the survey results provided a greater insight into the areas for improvement within the organisation.

“I will leave it up to you to determine what the survey results mean to you. I have formed the view that we have a significant amount of work to do to. It is very important for me to understand the underlying issues and potential opportunities for us to improve,” he said.

“Based solely on the survey results, we have some work to do. I for one, am very committed to improving on the survey results significantly over the next couple of years. I will be needing each and every one you to be committed to the same.”

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