Birdcage Altona Cafe goes viral after Mum’s urgent coffee request

Birdcage Altona Cafe receives an online order from a Mum with an urgent coffee request.

Birdcage Altona Cafe are known for delivering on service, but they were probably not expecting to gain so much attention from over delivering on a Mum’s urgent coffee request, which they recently posted to social media.

It was 6.43am on Tuesday morning, when a tired Mum placed a coffee order via the Hey You mobile app, requesting the coffee be delivered to her car because she was wearing pyjamas and had been driving her kids around since 5am.

After the cafe received the order, it was Birdcage baristas to the rescue, making sure the large soy latte was ready to go for when their drive-thru customer arrived at the Harrington Square car park.

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The cafe’s efforts have been widely praised on social media, which owners Adrian and Cath would undoubtedly be happy with, as they took the opportunity to remind customers about their kid-friendly and parent-friendly Altona cafe.

Sammi Dobinson and Mandy Couzens, two mothers and the brains behind the popular Mamma Knows West website, know all too well how tiring parenting can be. Praising the Altona Birdcage Cafe, they said it’s the small things that can make a mum’s day.

“We have been big fans and supporters since their opening. They are fantastic and super community focused and absolutely kid friendly. This is one of our favourite cafes in the west,” Ms Dobinson said.

“As parents themselves, Adrian and Cath understand how tiring parenting can be and not only have one of the best cups of coffee in the west to help us tired folks – they will bend over backwards to help a fellow parent and westie in need of a pick me up,” Ms Couzens added.

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