Altona celebrates Borg’s Cakes 50th Birthday in spectacular style


Borg’s Cakes have been trading for 50 years at Harrington Square in Altona, a truly remarkable milestone which the community helped celebrate in spectacular 50’s rock n roll style on Saturday.

The family business was initiated by Tony Borg who came from Malta to Australia in 1957. Tony met his wife Agnes Stone in Australia. She was also Maltese, raised in Altona and together they bought a commercial site at Harrington Square in 1968.

After a lot of hard work and sacrifices they finally had their own business where they intended selling Maltese pastries, particularly the Maltese specialty ‘pastizzi’, with the addition of cakes hitting the sweet spot for customers near and far.

Crowds of people, especially the Maltese, continue to come from all over Melbourne to buy Tony’s pastizzi, a likely reminder of a favourite from home, with the 80-year-old local legend still coming to work every Saturday to bake and decorate.

The business is as successful today as it was back then but now run by Tony’s daughter, Michelle, with the tradition of fresh pastizzi, ravioli and finger foods handmade daily on the premises still continuing to this day.

The taste buds of neighbouring traders, regular customers and members of the local community were treated on Saturday as Borg’s Cakes celebrated its 50th Birthday with the biggest party that Harrington Square has ever seen.

The 50’s style themed party featured a rockabilly band, rock n roll dancers, cars of the 50’s, a jumping castle, face painters, large outdoor games and plenty of cake and other treats to keep the sweet teeth satisfied.

Among the notable guests in attendance was the United Australia Party’s Federal Candidate for Gellibrand Lisa Bentley who told Willy and Hobby about a connection with the Borg family which extends back to her grandfather.

“My Mother’s first cousin on her Father’s side, Reno Micallef, is married to Michelle Borg’s first cousin Pauline. Ironically, Reno also ran a successful catering business for many years, but he is now retired,” she said.

“Also, back in 1967 when the Borgs had a catering business, they actually catered for my parents’ wedding. It was a massive Maltese wedding at the time with 300 guests at the Footscray Town Hall.”

“I wish my grandparents could be here with us today. I know how much they would have loved to have seen Tony and his family and celebrate this milestone. They loved cake almost as much as they loved rock n roll music and living in the 50s.”

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