Shaun Micallef brings banjo to TV Week Logie Awards 2018

Veteran comedian and Williamstown resident Shaun Micallef ‘helped’ improve the Logies by bringing out his banjo, playing the instrument in a fitting moment as he presented the award for Most Popular Comedy Program, at the TV Week Logie Awards 2018.

“You know when Channel 9 came to me and they said Shaun, how can we improve the Logies, apart of course, of taking it to the Gold Coast? I said, you know, for years now I’ve always thought that the immemorial segment was a bit of a downer,” Micallef said.

“Wouldn’t it be a lot better if we ran through the slides at double speed while somebody played Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the banjo? And they said Shaun, can you play Foggy Mountain Breakdown on the banjo?”

[Shaun Micallef on red carpet at TV Week Logie Awards 2018]

“And I said no, I’ve never played the banjo before in my life, but like I always say, just because you’re incapable of doing something doesn’t mean you should not do it on television.”

“Anyway, Channel 9 and I argued about it for a couple of months and eventually they said no. So I’m going to be presenting the award for Most Popular Comedy Program and the nominees are…”

Presenting an award for a category you are nominated in might not have meant much for Micallef, who really did get the last laugh with his banjo banter, but the irony was not lost for many of his fans on social media.

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