Hobsons babes Roula and Rachael go boom on MKR

Channel 7’s hit reality television show My Kitchen Rules has returned to screens for its ninth season and this time the show features Hobsons babes Roula and Rachael, who were given an explosive dose of reality in last night’s season premiere.

Rachael (20) works in Altona and met her best friend Roula (34) in Williamstown where they both live and where Roula can be seen training regularly at BoomRoom Fitness.

“We both met at Hocking Stuart in Williamstown. She used to be the receptionist there and my friends own that place, so I used to just go in and have lunch in there and then I’d have lunch with her all the time and we became really good friends,” Roula told WAH.

The ladies who lunch never considered being part of a reality television show but were excited when their spontaneous application saw them through to the end of auditions, where they then really thought about the opportunity that had presented itself to them.

“We were at her work one day and we were buying clothes online and then we were on Facebook and then an ad came up about MKR auditions. We just did it as a joke and then we ended up getting through. It was very random,” Roula said.

“Rachael is a hip-hop dancer at TDC in Altona and I had just finished doing a TV presenting course, so I thought if we were going to be on any reality TV show, let’s make it MKR and hopefully that will be a stepping stone to get closer to our goals.”

It was always going to be a challenge for Roula and Rachael, dubbed ‘R&R from Victoria’, with Roula being a self-confessed ‘psycho in the kitchen’, a title that she says she will live up to in episode three, where she will join Rachael in the kitchen.

“She does things a lot differently to me. I’m a clean freak and she’s not, so we bicker and argue like a couple. It’s ridiculous. We’ll have an argument, but we’re like sisters. We bicker but we get over it straight away,” Roula said.

Bickering and arguing is something viewers saw a lot of in last night’s episode, which positioned Roula and Rachael as going head-to-head against blonde bimbos Jess and Emma from NSW, who didn’t hold back in their introductions to the group.

“Jess jumped down my throat. I’d never met her before and I just kind of brushed her first comment off, but she kept bickering at me all night, throwing these nasty comments and that’s when I turned,” Roula said.

“At the very beginning when Jess made her first comment I thought, it’s episode one, I’m not going to say anything because I don’t want to look like an idiot and then in the end when she just kept going at me I had to say something.”

“We felt attacked. They edited a lot, but pretty much what you saw is what’s going to happen for the rest of the first eight episodes. It’s us against them. I just felt that we were the ones that got attacked straight away.”

With the drama somewhat aside, it was refreshing to hear about the contestants that Roula and Rachael connected with, especially given it appears they will need all the friends they can get in future episodes.

“Alex and Emily are my favourite. They’re fantastic. So are Stuss and Steve. They were like father figures to Rachael and I. They realised Jess and Emma had something against us all the time. Wait until you watch what’s going to happen, episode four is crazy. Stuss and Steve really had our backs,” Roula said.

Ash and Matty were a couple that everyone at the table was trying to suss out in episode one. The show producers casted Matty as a guy who can’t cook and knows little about food but was on the show to support his partner Ash who is a passionate foodie. Some thought Matty could have been some kind of Jamie Oliver, but that theory was quickly proven wrong when it was evident he’d never eaten a Panna Cotta.

“To be honest, it’s for real. He has no idea. He’s like one of those surfie dudes that eats at the pub and has steak and three vegetables, so there’s a lot of food that comes out that Matty has never tried before or doesn’t even know about,” Roula said.

A Panna Cotta was the least of concerns for judge Pete Evans, who shocked all the contestants as they sat beside him at the table and watched him take a break from his controversial paleo diet.

“He had to try everything. I was actually pretty shocked because of all the documentaries I’ve watched about him and how he promotes himself to be paleo, he tries everything. Everyone was shocked, but I think it’s just the role that he has for the show,” Roula said.

Eating things that you wouldn’t normally eat made for interesting dinner conversation, with Melbourne mothers Kim and Suong entertaining the table with stories on the types of animals they had eaten, after the main course of goat was served.

“How the hell could you eat a rat? I was sitting right next to Suong and that just made me gargle in my mouth. My friends have guinea pigs as pets and Ash has eaten them. That kind of threw me off. I would never eat a pet or a rat. A rat is disgusting,” Roula said.

“I’d never tried goat before and it was actually delicious. I really liked the goat and that’s how me and Rachael ended up scoring. We didn’t like the entrée, the Panna Cotta wasn’t up to her standard, so the goat was definitely the highlight dish of the night.”

The food was not the only highlight of the night and Roula told WAH to brace ourselves, as there are plenty more highlights still to come, as My Kitchen Rules returns tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 7.

“We’re up tomorrow night so make sure you watch that one too. We stuff up quite a bit but whatever, it’s all good. We end up crying after what Pete and Manu tell us. I’m looking forward to watching our episode,” Roula said.

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