VanderAa vibes at Spotswood secret garden show

VanderAa's Spotswood secret garden show (1/3)

Spotswood welcomed VanderAa at a secret garden location on Saturday night, where fans were given the ultimate experience, with an intimate performance and an opportunity to meet the popular travelling musical duo.

The two brothers, Aaron and Levi, did not disappoint fans as they delivered their unusual and unique sound, which blends a mix of drum, djembe, beatboxing, yidaki (didgeridoo) with guitar and vocals.

Speaking with Willy and Hobby after the show, VanderAa said that feeling a connection with their fans was most important to them, something they feel is stronger when performing a more intimate show.

VanderAa brothers Aaron and Levi at Spotswood secret garden show.

“We love the secret garden show aesthetic and performing these kind of intimate shows. We want to connect with the people who come to see us perform and we have found doing secret garden shows enables us to make those genuine connections,” said Aaron.

It’s not the first time the VanderAa brothers have performed in Hobsons Bay. In November last year, they performed in Williamstown on board a Sea Shepherd ship, an experience that sparked a soft spot for visiting Hobsons Bay.

“What we love about the bay is its like living in Melbourne with out living in Melbourne. It’s close enough but also far away enough that you can feel relaxed plus both our partners live here,” said Aaron.

VanderAa's Spotswood secret garden show (2/3)

“Growing up in a place like Darwin, Northern Territory we prefer the chill vibes over the fast pace life style of the city. We need the beach and the ocean, it is massive part of our life style and brings us so much happiness and joy,” added Levi.

VanderAa recently returned from a European tour, which took them to Berlin, Denmark and Spain in the back of a van. Living ‘vanlife’ is a llfestyle the lads have become quite accustomed to, though thankfully Hobsons Bay has offered them some creature comforts.

“Since leaving Darwin 6 years ago we have been living vanlife and touring full time. Living this lifestyle has enabled us to travel with our music all around Australia and now the globe,” said Levi.

VanderAa keeping fans warm at Spotswood secret garden show.

“Europe was an incredible experience and we recommend doing it in a van, especially Spain and Portugal! Since being in Williamstown we have been staying at Levi’s partners place which has been a nice change to living in a van,” added Aaron.

Currently touring to promote their latest single “Light of Love”, VanderAa said they wanted the song to speak to everyone and be a celebration of love, with a message that everyone should loved and be able to experience love in all its different ways.

“We know there are a billion songs about love but when you have it exploding from every pore its hard not to sing it out at the top of your lungs. It is one of our most fun songs to play live as it really lifts the mood,” said Aaron.

VanderAa's Spotswood secret garden show (3/3)

Discover the sounds of VanderAa and learn more about traveling musical duo, including tour announcements and show dates, at the VanderAa website. You can also follow the brothers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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