Johnny Rollins to bring his voice to Summer Sounds 2018

Johnny Rollins is gearing up for his first ever gig in Hobsons Bay and WAH spoke with Rollins ahead of his performance at the Summer Sounds Music Festival in Altona on February 10, 2018.

Appearing as a contestant on the hit reality television show The Voice Australia, Rollins was quickly shoved into the spotlight, but singing in front of an audience wasn’t something that came naturally to him.

“I’ve always sang in the car, my bedroom and shower but never really sang in front of anybody at all. I can thank my good mate mate Justin Carter for giving me the push to do that,” Rollins said.

“Drumming was something that I wanted to do full time and professionally, but then I found myself at the front of the stage, rather than the back.”

Drumming was where Rollins started his musical career, but after appearing on The Voice and releasing his debut single “High”, it made Rollins feel much more than a drummer boy.

“The single was a product that came out of the show, it was a reflection of me finding my way through the show and coming out the other end as a performing artist and not just a drummer,” Rollins said.

On the journey to help Rollins become a performing artist was his coach and mentor Kylie Minogue, who Rollins credits for overcoming his performance anxiety.

“She was very good at allowing you to feel comfortable with the whole experience because for me, singing was quite foreign. She’s really lovely, which made the whole experience a lot easier than it could have been because The Voice is quite a pressure cooker of anxiety,” Rollins said.

Nothing could have made Rollins more anxious than making the grand finale of the The Voice, where he performed a duet with his mentor Kylie Minogue, singing her iconic hit “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, which was broadcasted to millions.

“It was a pretty fun and memorable thing to be apart of. I was definitely nervous, but had a lot of fun. It was a little less nerve racking being on stage with Kylie than it was by myself,” Rollins said.

Backing up his star-studded appearances, Rollins rolled with Daryl Braithewaite at The Corner Hotel in Richmond and then hit the stage with a string of gigs on the festival front including the Festival of Sails and Summersault Festival.

“The festival stuff is always good when I’ve got my band and turn it up a few notches, but it is also enjoyable to do it by myself and Summer Sounds I’ll be doing with my guitarist Wes. We’ll strip it back a little bit and just cruise,” Rollins said.

Fans of Johnny Rollins can see him perform live and free when he comes to Altona for the Summer Sounds Music Festival on February 10. To learn more about Johnny Rollins you can follow him on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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