Caitlin Rizzoli talks beauty wage and centre stage in Williamstown

Seated in the stylish surroundings of The Greenery Store and Dining in Williamstown, WAH recently met with musician Caitlin Rizzoli to discuss her recent emergence onto the local music scene.

Rizzoli grew up in Williamstown, attended St Mary’s Primary School and still lives locally with her mother Michelle who owns Shell’s Body and Beauty Therapy, the newest salon in town.

Whilst the 19-year-old beauty therapy student has followed in her mother’s footsteps, the musical influences of her father Tim have also followed.

“My Dad has been doing music since he was 18. He was a full-time muso up until I was born and then went into another career, but he still does music,” Rizzoli said.

It wasn’t until later teenage years that the musical influences of her father caught on, as Rizzoli recounted earlier years spent training as a professional athlete in gymnastics.

“When I was 7-years-old I was training at an elite level in gymnastics and I was at the Victorian Institute of Sport in Prahran, training 36 hours per week, up until I was 9-years-old,” Rizzoli said.

“I lost the motivation for gymnastics and started doing singing lessons, which I continued through school up to VCE level.”

“In high school I started doing gigs with my Dad, but it wasn’t until I started posting videos online and people started reacting to them that I started to think seriously about my music.”

WATCH: Caitlin Rizzoli covers “Titanium” by Sia

As a student in year 12, Rizzoli was selected to perform at Time To Shine, a high school talent showcase, which saw her centre stage at the Regent Theatre in Melbourne for her most memorable performance to date.

“It’s been one of my favourite gigs so far. I was one of the principle singers, I had my own section, my name was up on the big board, we had two shows with massive audiences and it was broadcasted on Channel 7,” Rizzoli said.

Since high school, Rizzoli has been busy with her studies, but says she recently felt the time had come for her to focus more on her music.

“I’m currently studying beauty therapy which transfers into dermal science. I finish the beauty therapy side of it in June and then I’m going to take the six months to work purely on music and also work at Mum’s new salon,” Rizzoli said.

In addition to performing at local gigs, corporate events and weddings, Rizzoli has recently started publishing music videos to her social media, with some big-name influences gaining the attention of music lovers locally and abroad.

“I love Rihanna and Beyonce. I saw Bruno Mars recently and Dua Lipa was his support act and I loved her. On the Australian level, I love Vera Blue. I saw her on The Voice as Celia Pavey, when she wasn’t Vera Blue, so I loved her then and I love her now,” Rizzoli said.

With the support of her family, Rizzoli is one local to watch in 2018 as she aims to take her music to the next level, open to any path that may lead her there.

“I would love to go independent but wouldn’t turn down any opportunity to take my music somewhere, that’s for sure,” Rizzoli said.

You can find out more about Caitlin Rizzoli, including booking her talents for local gigs, corporate events and weddings, at her Facebook. You can also follow Rizzoli on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

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