Behind the scenes with The Cat Empire at Williamstown Beach

Williamstown welcomed international party band The Cat Empire on Friday, with the band taking part in a beachside photoshoot for their upcoming eighth studio album.

The photoshoot started at a studio in North Melbourne before a few beachside happy snaps were taken at Williamstown Beach by local resident and celebrity photographer Michelle Grace Hunder.

“One of the visual references I was sent from management reminded me of the section of the beach we shot. I thought it would break the shoot up nicely if we ended on location after starting in the studio in the morning,” Ms. Hunder told WAH.

It was the first time she had worked with the band, but Hunder said the band were great and the shoot was a lot of fun, especially because she could eye a familiar face through the lens.

“I hadn’t worked with them as a group before, but I had worked with one of the members (Harry) on his press shots around his solo album. It can be tricky working with big groups, but they were awesome and made the shoot fun,” Ms. Hunder said.

A successful eight year career as a professional music photographer has seen Michelle Grace Hunder rub shoulders with a lot of well known artists and musicians including Tina Arena, Kate Ceberano, Julia Stone and Missy Higgins.

Hunder’s repertoire continues to grow, with Australian and international artists requesting her talents to photograph both live performances and portrait images, used for press, publicity and album covers.

You can learn more about Michelle Grace Hunder and her highly acclaimed photographic book RISE, a detailed insight of her personal journey into the world of Australian Hip-Hop, at her website or you can follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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