Brothers’ Nest stars Clayton and Shane Jacobson meet fans


When the stars are in town, you will never miss a moment on Willy and Hobby, including the highlights from last night’s red carpet premiere of Brothers’ Nest, an Australian film directed by Clayton Jacobson and starring his brother Shane Jacobson.

The film reunites the two since the success of Kenny in 2006, but Brothers’ Nest sees them take an unexpected dive into dark comedy, with one location and five actors, one of whom is directing the film that was made for less than 2 million dollars.

Brothers’ Nest was filmed in a real house, on a large property, in a rural town just outside of Ballan in Victoria. The home almost becomes another character in the film, but Producer Jason Byrne said the character was already there before the crew arrived.

“The location is owned by one of Victoria’s foremost meteorologists. He basically moved into a caravan and let a film crew move into his place. All those radiograms and all those cars actually were all there when we arrived,” said Mr Byrne.

The home may be a haunt for history, but it provides the perfect set for surprise, as comedy collides with the thrill of broken bones, gun shots, electrocutions and an exploding car, none of which caused Shane Jacobson to arrive at the premiere on crutches.

“He really did hurt himself. He was in Monaco at the Grand Prix, as you do, and when he heard that the Aussie had won, he started dancing and he snapped his achilles tendon,” Mr Jacobson said.

“We were about to go on this tour and about four days before he rang up and said he had snapped his achilles tendon, he had two blood clots and deep vein thrombosis. I threw in there that he was ugly too.”

Clayton and Shane Jacobson are currently touring the country to promote their latest film Brothers’ Nest, a dark comedy about brothers Terry (Shane) and Jeff (Clayton), who arrive at the family home with plans to kill their stepfather. The film is in cinemas now.

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