Blood Vessel horror film floats in Williamstown waters


Williamstown is known for being home to some of Melbourne’s most haunted locations, but for the last four weeks, it has been the special effects team of the Blood Vessel horror film that has been bringing the supernatural to life on Williamstown waters.

Blood Vessel is the latest project from Director Justin Dix, who has previously worked on big budget American productions like Star Wars, with his local special effects studio Wicked of Oz Studios giving his new film an international feel on an independent budget.

Actor Nathan Phillips plays Sinclair in Justin Dix’s horror film Blood Vessel, filmed on HMAS Castlemaine in Williamstown.

“Blood Vessel is a period movie set in 1945 at the end of the war, where a group of survivors find an abandoned german vessel and once they get on board supernatural forces take over,” Mr Dix said.

The whole film is being shot at Gem Pier, on board the HMAS Castlemaine, with the World War II vessel providing a very realistic prop for actors and perhaps a bit too realistic for some of the cast, who have had to jump into cold Williamstown waters.

Justin Dix’s horror film Blood Vessel is being filmed on board HMAS Castlemaine at Gem Pier in Williamstown.

Blood Vessel is based on a script that Justin Dix co-wrote with Jordan Prosser and the cast includes actors Alex Cooke, Ruby Hall, Alyssa Sutherland, Nathan Phillips, Christopher Kirby, John Lloyd Fillingham, Mark Diaco, Steve Young and Troy Larkin.

The film has yet to get an official release date.

Actor Nathan Phillips plays Sinclair in Justin Dix’s horror film Blood Vessel, filmed at Gem Pier in Williamstown.
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