Punters punk’d: Oktoberfest fury after ‘disappointing’ and ’embarrassing’ act

Headline act Discovery – A Daft Punk tribute show – took to the stage at Seaworks for Oktoberfest In The West 2018.

The famous German festival Oktoberfest landed in the West on Saturday, with festival organisers promising ‘marvellous’ entertainment including a Daft Punk tribute show, though it appears punters may have been the ones left feeling punk’d on the day.

Headline act Discovery took to stage earlier than scheduled, which was the first sign that something sinister was about to occur. Then, after twenty minutes, the act was instructed to turn down the volume on their performance.

Festival organisers cited ‘neighbourhood complaints’ as the reason for why its headline act were made to turn the rest of their show into what one punter described as ‘background music’ and it appears those complaints were just the start.

“The shambles that was the headline act. Do not advertise something you can’t deliver. Disaster. Made to start early and then 20 mins in we’re told to ‘turn it down’ as someone complained across the road,” said one ticket holder.

“The whole of the headline act was made to play at a farcical level so as not to upset the locals. Why book a headline act when they are not able to play their show as it’s meant to be heard? Disaster, and an explanation needed.”

“Embarrassing. A waste of a $40 entry. Seriously, either get with the times and give the public what they have paid for or don’t hold an event in a town that still lives in the dark ages.”

Another attendee took to social media to express their disappointment, also questioning festival organisers on whether they had obtained ‘noise permits’ and alerted local residents about the noise prior to the commencement of the event.

“Do you want people to not have a good time? Sort your noise permits out prior next time. What a shame, a disappointing outcome. Surely, you’ve sorted out your noise permits prior? So sad to watch these guys giving it their best and no one can hear it,” they said.

In a statement to Willy and Hobby, festival organisers said a technical issue and noise complaint resulted in the sound issues at the event, and confirmed that police attended the venue several times.

“After the Daft Punk act had finished we had a slight technical issue with music which meant there was a 5-10 minutes of silence. Once this was fixed there was music until the last person left which was around 10.30pm,” a festival spokesperson said.

“During the performance we received a noise complaint, the venue instructed our sound tech to reduce the level and in this situation we had no choice but to comply or the music can be shut down.”

“Although this was not ideal it is something we have to asses going forward in terms of where we position sound and suitability of the venue. Prior to the event we informed all neighbours of Oktoberfest in the West and offered them a half price ticket.”

The famous German festival Oktoberfest was held in historic Williamstown at the newly renovated Seaworks shed, which was transformed into the biggest undercover beer hall on the water.

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